Thursday, July 28, 2011

Todays heart.....

On those difficult days when the whole world gives you the cold shoulder, there are flowers lying in wait just below the surface. Sometimes it takes a lot of tears to thaw them enough to allow them to grow. It takes time, patience, resiliency, tenacity. Sometimes even then, it seems impossible.
HANG IN THERE. HOLD ON. Let your heart open up just one tiny crack and see what comes pouring in, or flooding out.






Todays heart:

Woke up today with a wonderful light flowing beat to my heart.

Changes are being made....and alot of them is by choice and alot is by feeling blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.


Sometimes we are our OWN worse critic and it takes ALOT of courage to be content with where we are at.

Takes time, courage and a heart full of flutter.


And sometimes its just having those around you to give you that tiny push you may need.....

and allow you to "Carry on"


Today is a good day!

A very very good day!

{havent heard about my bump on my leg yet---I will share as soon as I the mean time...I bought new shoes. makes it all better!}

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wyatt_aspen said...

I would kill to have your shoe collection...LOL I own one pair of flip flops and my running shoes... :)