Thursday, July 14, 2011

Begin again.....

Its been almost 3 months of non exsistant blogging.....

I didn't die.....but a part of my life did.

So im strugging finding my place.......


I miss my DAILY blogging routine every morning.

and I know you do too....

I have the emails that tell me!

All of you that know Annie....Know, that blogging and journaling is my salvation and therapy. we go......pushing my way through.

carry on........



Here we go with WEST updates:

Me: Busy, overwhlemed, distracted but still smiling!

went to Lake powell and met everlasting friends.

Went to a bow fishing tournament, been boating out on the lake alot!

Sister dates, going out to dinner, and plays...

bear lake for our annual 14 years and counting couzins kamp!

{pictures to come as well}

dad dont kill me.....

and then just playing mom!

Its been a new adventure forsure!



Abbie: she is almost 15....what more ya want me to say?

I spend alot of time keeping my eye in the back of my head on her!

{pictures coming soon}



Autumn: She is my rock.

And is into animals more then ever! just got a new kitty for her, and yesterday it got out and we can't find many tears at the west house today!



Jax: Just got the coolest new hair cut {picture soon}

little rocker!

he is enjoying NO SCHOOL!



Charlee: she is 100% fully potty trained.
bout TIME!!! and......still cute and ever so naughty. :)



This was taken before my sisters night out!

A MEMORY thats inprinted in my mind for life!


This is Autumns kitty........who is lost.......hope we find her!





I promise myself I will use tools I have around me to heal my heart.

including this blog. :)

The end.........


Honeybee said...

Yeah!! I'm glad you are back in the blogging world- I'm sure it's a better place now that you are back in it. I've missed your posts so much! Thanks for the comment you left on my blog today ;)

Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

YAHOO!!!! I'm so glad you are back!!! Annie, I just love reading your blog! Continue with blog therapy ... PLEASE!!!!

Candice said...

I'm glad your back! Yay! I hope everything is going well with you!! Take care!

Jeri said...

Woohoo. Keep it up girl! If I was there I'd give you a hug, and help you look for Autumn's kitty too.

Pieces of Us said...

Yay! I've been thinking about you a lot. I'm glad you are back. It was good to see you at walmart the other day!

Momma and Kennedy said...

Im so glad you're back! You dont know me im just a crazy blog stalker that we have several friends in common... I love your blog! I love your spirit and engergy and realness! Welcome back!

Dave and Emily said...

yahoo! Welcome back. I have missed your posts. If i had your email I would have asked you to come back. Your amazing and inspiring. Keep posting

Torri P said...

i love your posts...they always inspire me! Glad you are back!! Stay strong with whatever you are going through! You are an amazingly strong person and an inspiration to alot of people!

steph said...

Hi there, i found your photography blog hooked onto one of my friends blogs (candice schenk). I think you are darling, and I hope whatever you are going thru turns out okay! I love your cute quirkiness and all your feet pix! so keep your chin up and hang in there! Stephani