Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bigger holes and randomness of life.......

Im not as good to take my mark with me everywhere like I use too.

{Mark is my camera's name}

Im sure mark feels neglected lately.

But My cell phone is much more convient then mark.

Mark......i still love you and think you have a sexy body. ;) lol



So here is some randomeness pictures from my phone.

Here I am at the Dermie.....{Dr. Jason Hadley} FANTASTIC! he is a friend of some mutual friends And I adore him.

The nurse who helped out cut more CHUNK out of my legs.....left me a message on my blog a few days ago.

then she saw me and says......your Annie? You have a blog?

I just left a message saying how I found your blog...


So after I pulled myself together from a 2 inch incision and 1/2 inch deep and another few stiches on the other leg......we had to get a picture. :)

Hi melissa. :)

Ya-----I didn't do well.
glad I had the girls and other good company to help me!

So we will see what the tests say in a few days!
then I will just have someone knock me out to get the rest out.......mmmkay?


Other good news....
My friend Marissa had her sweet baby boy...."Baby J"
I love him. and i love her.
She had a rough delivery.....good work mama!!

We took off to Idaho for 5 days.

I took the girls.

The girls needed mommy bonding time......

I took these pictures as the boats got ready early as 6:30 a.m to begin the Bow Fishing tournament, waiting for the horn to blow.
As I edited these two pictures
I had a sweet thought.

This trip with my daughters was a new beginning for all of us....

we made some changes and set some goals.

Like the morning.......

the sun ALWAYS comes up.

and we ALWAYS have the chance to begin again........try again.......

Picture of my owies.

you can also see my bandaid with the other stiches on the other leg.....

call me gimp.



wyatt_aspen said...


Rachel said...

Your girls are so beautiful... I look at them and think of when they would bath with Tai and all those cute little giggly bodies together and I'm sad they are young women! you must have your hands full because it's not right how beautiful they are! I love you

Jeri said...

Whaaaaa. That is a massive hole! I'm sorry Annie!

You're right the sun always comes up. We had a morning like that today. Thankful for a new start...again. Love those pictures. =)