Saturday, October 8, 2011

Today we picked a few LARGE Pun'kins from the garden...:)

Charlee Squeeled!


. did I. ;)



I think I might paint these ones!

Today was Busy......


Simply Lavender said...

LOVE the garden pumpkins!!
LOVE the kitty hat!!
LOVE the fireplace!! and the gorgeous bookcase! and floor! who-hoo!!
get your foof on girl!!!


Torri P said...

I cannot wait to see what you do with that room! It is completely a masterpiece awaiting its master! I wish I had more guts to re-do things in my house. I LOVE seeing what you do, but I am too chicken to try! Hopefully some day!

Jennifer said...

Seriously! This home looks like something out of a storybook. All the bits of it that you post are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!