Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Activities and shananigains------ :)

Member this?


{still Jealous?}

My eyes light up and heart flutters everytime I walk into my new craft room!!!

Here is the work in progress.........

We worked over Conference weekend.... :)

and still cleaning up and finishing odds and ends....

A place to CREATE is a much needed space for me!

A man cave......kinda!!. But minus the man...and minus the cave...lol


{Loved the Young woman's message on sunday btw

Loved what she had to say about Fathers and Teenager girls!!}

Oh the places Charlee and I have been....things we have done and things accomplished!


So many good and positive things happening in my world.

We only create the world we want....

I SHOULD know this.....and do know this!

Moving on from hardships is just like the word "HARD"

but choosing good to surround us and only letting in GOOD.....is the key!

again-----our choice!

Its hard work......but I am seeing the positive slowly come forth for me and my children and therefore....worth every bit!!!

We have two beautiful Horses we are careing for....

OR should I say Miss AJ is careing for!

This is Her heaven!

She is saving every penny for one of her VERY own...... :)

4 acers..........I can easily get use to this!

Can someone say..... RED CHICKEN COOP?


Jan said...

Love your craft room! Will you share on where you purchased such a fabulous find? Also, can I go shopping with you? You dress adorable.

Pieces of Us said...

LOve love your craft room! And I am jealous! So cute!