Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Cali Love.............

I can't stop thinking about this trip to California....

It was Bliss.


My dads sister....Aunt Cleo.

We were attached at the hip ever since I was little....

now that she is in Cali.......I don't see her much.

I just wanted her to wear me as a scarf and carry me

I love her so much!!!!

My dad's Other sister Aunt Wilma.

Isn't she beautiful!?

We would come down to her house alot when we were little and spend the week at disneyland and the beach. Since she was close to both.

I love memories........ :)

I had the cutest strawberry shortcake swimming suit...just so you know!


Today-------charlee and I have lots to do.

I love my days with her!


Simply Lavender said...

LOVE the pics!!!
Hope you and Miss C got lots done today! CUTE shoes Chuckie!!


Betheny said...

Oh Annie!! I'm so jelous! You were in Riverside! That's my hometown!! {kinda) I grew up in Corona (right next to Riverside) and spent a lot of time in Riverside and at the beach. My dad still lives in Orange County (Next to Huntington Beach). I wanna hear more about your trip. Call me!! Those places are such great memories for me. Cali will always be "home". I'm so glad that you had such a great time with your sisters. Most of mine are still in Cali (right around where you were judging from your pics). I miss them. I think I need a Cali trip too!

Torri P said...

Looks like SO much fun! You look alot like your Aunt Wilma! Both beautiful!