Monday, May 9, 2011

Pee and buckets!

Mothers day!


good day!

I can't tell you all the strange noises that were expressed and heard durring these pictures.,.....but they made us pee. :)

Sisters are healing to me.

My bucket was filled and then i went on my way..........



My mom......well we didn't get a pic with her.

little stinker.....she would hide!


Thank you for loving me.

No matter what.

Thank you for inspireing me to be better..........

and thank you for shareing your gifts and talents!

Love you. To the moon!


Amie said...

Dont't forget to mention that I didn't get the memo about dressing up !!!!
Last night was FABULOUS!

Play Pretties said...

So while I'm at work...during's what I do...I blog stalk. It's who I am~~It's what I do~~I'm not proud. BUT, I'm so throughly thrilled to have come across yours. You have to be one of the most fun people ever. AND I doubt I'll get any work done for the rest of the day...It's all your fault.
P.S. I need sisters...immediately.